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Polyurethane board is produced by integrating nonwoven fabric and aluminum foil on both sides of rigid polyurethane board, and there are two types of PUR Board made of general polyurethane and PIR Board of which stability feature against fire is enhanced.

The polyurethane has the lowest thermal conductivity (0.020w/m·k) among the building insulation materials, and this is the best insulation performance among insulation materials which are currently commercialized. The PIR Board with flame retardant performance meets both the energy saving and fire safety of buildings by solving the problem of combustibility which is the problem of the existing organic insulation.

Excellent Insulation Property

Maintaining the advantages of the polyurethane (PUR / 0.020w / m · k) with the best insulation effect as it is, it is produced by using the polyisocyanurate (PIR), that improves flame retardancy, heat resistance and low ductility, as an insulation material, and it is being used as the insulation material for building materials such as roof, wall, and floor of all buildings, and vehicles, ships, freezers, refrigerated warehouse, and so forth.

Securing Fire Safety

According to the architectural application, various surface finishing materials (nonwoven fabric, aluminum foil, etc.) can be applied in the process of producing goods, and in the time of using the surface material (aluminum foil or gypsum board, etc.) on the PIR Board, and the insulation and fire safety of buildings can be solved at once by solving the combustibility problem that is a problem of the existing organic insulation.

Providing a Pleasant Space

PIR and PUR are excellent sound insulation materials, and block noise generated outside a building and at the same time, prevent the noise generated in the room from being transmitted to the outside, so that it provides a comfortable space.


Finishing MaterialNonwoven fabric/AI CRAFT (Aluminum Foil)
InsulationPolyurethane (No.1, No.2)
Width900 ~ 1200 mm
Thickness40 ~ 250 mm
Density35 kg/㎥ / 45 kg/㎥
Thermal Conductivity0.019 ~ 0.023 W/m·k

PIR (Polyisocyanurate)

PUR (Polyurethane)

PIR Foam, as an abbreviation of polyisocyanurate, is an excellent insulation that removes the characteristics of high-temperature which damage and deform the characteristics of the insulation,  and reduces the ductility.

PUR, as an abbreviation of polyurethane, is a high molecular substance that is a combination state of a large amount of urethane (-NHCOO) generated by the combination of isocyanate and polyol.  Panel Tech corporation’s board maintains anti-condensation effect as it is due to the excellent thermal insulation, and there is almost no shrinkage and expansion at low temperature, so, it demonstrates excellent performance in freezing and low temperature warehouse and so forth.

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