Creative thinking & Endless challenge

We will realize a dream of construction culture by creating a new future.


PANELTECH, we lead a culture of architecture.

We will make it with productive imagination and passion.


PANELTECH, we pursue specialization & diversification of building materials.

We supply various type of Polyurethane sandwich panels in accordance with building uses.


The most reliable sandwich panel business partner, PANELTECH

Paneltech Co., Ltd., as we are a sales subsidiary of K Industrial Co., Ltd. who are the
biggest sandwich panel equipment manufacturer in Korea, we are
exclusively responsible for various type of interior/exterior sandwich panels
marketing & sales which are manufactured in 2nd of K Industrial Co., Ltd. in Hwaseong Bio Valley.

Various kind of sandwich panels with high quality

Paneltech Co., Ltd. supply various kind of sandwich panels by high qualified production process.

  • Metal panel
  • Polyurethane panel
  • Glass-wool panel
  • Acoustic panel
  • Styrofoam EPS panel
  • Polyurethane board


Metal Panel

High-class design

With this product, you can solve existing curtain wall problem.

Polyurethane Panel

Low heat conductivity

It is superior insulation and endures condensation due to 30 times lower heat conductivity than bricks.

Glass(Mineral) wool Panel

Perfect fire proof

It can minimize toxic gas when a fire breaks out due to its perfect nonflammable ability.

Accoustic Panel

Sound absorption

You can easily make sound absorption space with this product.

EPS Panel

Economic & Safety

It can prevent fire accident due to its excellent non-flammable ability. Also, it is safe product free from toxic chemicals

Polyurethane Board

Best heat insulation property

You can save energy and prevent fire accident with this product. Also, we have improved our product’s fire-retardant ability continuously.

Professional quality management & Systematic client management.

Paneltech Co., Ltd., we are always ready to hear your opinion.