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Glass(Mineral) wool sandwich panels are perfect non-flammable and has a fire protecting. There’s no toxic gas with fire and you can minimize losses.

Perfect nonflammable

Glass(Mineral) wool sandwich panels are the first class unburned material and doesn’t make toxic gas against fire. It can show a perfect nonflammable performance.

Excellent sound absorption

The inside of glass(mineral) wool is consists of porous fibers with open cells and it enables to get excellent sound absorption. Glass(Mineral) wool sandwich panels are good for make buildings has much noise such as sports facilities.

Outstanding insulation effect

As a glass fiber made of a glass gemstone by the high-tech high-speed centrifugation method with uniform thickness, it has low thermal conductivity, and excellent insulation and heat effect due to special water repellency processing, so the effect of heating and cooling costs of buildings is outstanding.

Corrosion Resistance

The glass-wool panel is strong in restoring force and tensile force so that it keeps the original shape in spite of shock, pressure and vibration, and due to excellent durability, compressive strength and structural strength, there is little change in shape and corrosion even after a long period of time.

Side Filling With Urethane

By filling the left and right sides of the connection part of the panel if necessary, the strength of the joint part, which is the existing weakness was reinforced and gentrified.

Double Belt Salt Conveyor (Caterpillar) Adhesion

Since adhesion method is carried out by double belt slat conveyor (caterpillar) instead of the existing roller method, adhesion force is reinforced at high temperature and high pressure, and new technology products with excellent panel strength and flatness are produced.

Specification of Glass-Wool

Exterior skin0.5 ~ 0.8mm Silicon (fluorine) Resin Steel Plate
Interior skinCoated Molten Zinc Galvanized Steel Sheet 0.5mm
InsulationGlass wool, Mineral wool
Dimension Width (mm)GWE, GSWE, GWR, GSWR(500 ~ 1000 possible)
Length (m)2.0 ~ 18.0
Thickness (mm)50 75 100 125 150 180 200 225
  • Glass wool
  • Glass-wool is a panel made of glass-wool as insulation in which silica, feldspar, and limestone etc. are made into a fiber by centrifugal separation method with being melted at 1,500~1,600℃

  • Mineral wool
  • Mineral wool is pure inorganic fiber made by high-speed rotary centrifugal method with molten liquefaction of the ore of calcium silicate line, and forms and ideal insulating air layer because of its large amount of fiber per unit volumes, so that it has a very low thermal conductivity.

    In addition, it is a thermal insulation material that saves heating and cooling costs due to the high effect of thermal insulation. Mineral-wool is minerals (ore), so, it is not burnt down, and is a nonflammable material such as fire-resistant construction due to the high temperature for safety use, and since it is a chemically stabilized inorganic material, it is strong against acid and alkali, and it is semi-permanent and sanitary since there is no degradation phenomenon due to weathering.


    GWE / GSWE

    GWR / GSWR


    GC45-F / GSC45-F

    GC45 / GSC45


    GDB / GSDB

    GRB / GSRB

    GDB1 / GSDB1

    GRB 1 / GSRB 1

    GDB 3 / GSDB 3

    GRB 3 / GSRB 3

    GDB 3-B / GSDB 3-B




    GRFB 1

    GRRB 1

    GRFB 3

    GRRB 3

    GRBB 3

    No Mold




    Roof / Deck


    GTD(Base Sheet)


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