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The PANELTECH metal panel is a high quality large flat sandwich panel with superior functionality which enable you to keep clean always without the problems of curtain wall.

For the beautiful luxury buildings

The metal panel of Paneltech Co., Ltd. is a large sandwich panel with maximum length 8m, it is possible to apply flat or waved patterns as per customer’s requirement and it mainly used for luxury buildings with beautiful sleek externals.

Keep clean surface without pollution

By using a ‘Non-Caulking System’ which means ‘Silicon-free’, it is easy to keep clean surface without pollution and its applications are getting wider. Also, you can create a beautiful exterior with heat insulation property, performance for construction work and firmness which are the advantages of existing sandwich panels.

Fundamental solution for corrosion

The metal panel can be applied on various kind of buildings such as office, cultural facilities, gymnasium, laboratory and exhibit hall etc. due to its excellent performance and quality unlike existing sandwich panels limited to use for industrial structures. That’s because it doesn’t have corrosion problems from dew condensation, the user can get superior durability with long lasting insulation effect.

Easy work than Aluminum composite panel

Not only the metal panel enables you to have sophisticated externals but also, you can save the construction expenses by decreasing construction period and labors from simpler construct.

Polyurethane metal panel, Glass-wool metal panel, Mineral-wool metal panel


Material Exterior skin 0.5~0.8mm Silicon(Fluorine)resigns steel sheet
Interior skinColor coated galvanized 0.5mm
InsulationPIR, PUR,
Glass-wool & Mineral-wool
Dimension Width (mm)500 ~ 1,000
Length (m)0.3 ~8.0
Thickness (mm)PIR, PUR): 50 60 75 100 125
Glass-wool, Mineral-wool : 50 75 100 125 150

The weakest point of Aluminum sheet and stone finished is a pollution from silicon caulking. The metal panel is as a large flat type of 4sides-bended exterior insulation panel, it finished joints by gasket closing.

The method of construction ‘Open Joint’ which is not using silicon is good for dirt and it provides beautiful sleek design with convenience of construction at the same time by keeping advantages of existing sandwich panels

Polyurethane metal panel


Metal panel





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